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Preparing a valid will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. A will also enables you to take advantage of valuable tax-planning opportunities.

If you die without a will in Ireland, the rules of intestacy provide the State with control over the distribution of your money, property and other assets. That means that decisions about your home, your savings, and even your minor children and pets will be made by the State, and not necessarily in the way you would have wanted. The only way to guarantee your estate is distributed according to your wishes and to protect your loved ones after you have passed, is to make a legally valid will.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in drafting wills, handling probate and providing advice about the potential tax implications of either receiving or giving a gift or inheritance. Our Principal Anna McLoughlin is also certified to practice law through Irish, providing Irish speakers with advice and support in their language, so they can achieve the peace-of-mind they deserve.

Speak to us for advice and support for:

  • writing a will
  • tax planning advice
  • applications for grants of probate
  • advice on the role and responsibilities of Executors
  • advice for claims against an estate
  • wards of Court applications
  • advice on Enduring Powers of Attorney

To make a legally valid will or for advice about probate, tax planning or inheritance tax implications, please don’t hesitate to phone us today.